Thursday, December 29, 2011

Queen Quilt

Here is the finished Heather Bailey Quilt, which we are using during the summer time on our bed.  There are matching 20"x20" pillows.  I couldn't believe how easy a quilted pillow sham would be.  The finished quilt measured 92"x94" - a little smaller than I'd hoped, as usual.

The quilting was rather difficult on something so large, and my machine did a poor job.  I was using unfamiliar thread, poor tensioning, or something because I had lots and lots of missed stitches.  The idea was to do small stippling inside every diamond, then a double line, then diamonds, then another double line, then large stippling on the outside (in between the diamonds).  It was very time consuming...I think I'll stick to stippling next time on a quilt this big.