Friday, November 9, 2012

3 Quilts By Christmas

I have a goal to finish 3 new quilts by Christmas.  Only 6 week!!  But all three are already in-progress.  Here they are:

Lucy's Crab Shack.  I bought a jellyroll and made a vertical stripes top.  All I did is sew the strips end-to-end (on the diagonal) and then cut it in half and sewed them together.  Then I added up my total inches, and decided how many and how long I would need to get the rectangle I wanted.  Here's a good video from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I just wanted to make it more planned/painful than her approach.

SWEET by Urban Chicks.  I have an old quilt top, small, that I can quilt, and blocks for another larger quilt top.  I'm not as thrilled as I once was about this fabric.

JOY by Kate Spain.  I bought a jellyroll and I am designing a top that is basically columns of Christmas trees, and each tree is 4 stripes tall.  I have trees sewn and cut, but I need to surround them in white, and I ran out of white.